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Written Aug 5 2021

Making Video for Ottawa SEO

Several months back I made a Video Called Ottawa SEO Sucks. While we make a lot of training videos for ourselves and staff, and even clients we want to follow up with. We don’t often make videos that we just throw out there or put on the front page. Even though we tell our clients to. ;)


The video talked about the upsides and downsides of doing SEO and the comparisons to Pay-per-click marketing. The video itself didn’t garnish many views off our website, and that wasn’t the point. It was a video created for a very specific purpose


The Result

The result of making this video was higher conversion rates. We had clients calling asking to speak to me directly. Convenient, since I answer the phones.


Being in my 30s and thinking I know it all, just like every other shmuck my age, I thought I knew what was working. Being humble enough and always thirsty for knowledge, I still asked what made people call and why. The answers were surprising

Why I thought it worked

I thought it could have been a couple things. I thought it could have been my honesty. I’ve always spoken the truth even if sometimes it doesn’t make money. Leading down the right path rather than down your path often pays dividends much larger than an immediate sale.


Another thought was that maybe it was the topic. Maybe it was because I explained things in a way that wasn’t full of jargon. Everybody uses acronyms and complicated words to make them sound like an expert in Ottawa SEO, medicine and law. And why? Cause it works!! You do sound like an expert. But people don’t always relate to experts. People often do relate to someone that is speaking the same language and taking the time to speak in a way that everyone can understand.


What is the definition of an expert anyway?

Isn’t it?:

“Someone that can take a topic and put it into words that even a 5-year-old can understand.”

Thought so.


Why it actually worked

Here’s why the video actually worked. I was making myself real. I wasn’t hiding behind a website or a big brand, leaving people wondering if they’re talking to someone from a company abroad. There are so many large companies doing business all over the world and all you see on their website’s Contact us page is a picture of a man or woman with an antiquated headset implying that they’re ready to take your call. People are tired of being treated like a number. People don’t trust large corporations like they did in the 70s. It’s time to be real and accountable.

That’s what people felt – Accountability


People felt that by putting myself on video on the front page of the website I was making myself accountable and transforming this SEO company from a company into “this guy I can talk to” rather than a phone system I can waste 10 minutes on in order to talk to someone oversees that will take down all my information and give me very vague answers.


It’s unfortunate that even a lot of local SEO companies are subcontracting their work to companies oversees to maximize profits. The downside? The person you call probably won’t have the answers you seek or the care and connect you, me and everyone craves from modern day service providers.


If you would like to discover how a quality work-relationship between our two companies could benefit your bottom line, give us a call or shoot us an email for the service you deserve.


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